About Belmont, MA


Sweet Belmont

With a population of about 25,000 Belmont, Massachusetts is a sweet suburb that boasts extremely low crime rates and beautiful architecture with a large percentage dating back to before World War II. The town is conveniently located less than 5 miles to Cambridge and under 10 miles to Boston. Become a resident of Belmont and you’ll join the ranks of Yo-Yo Ma, James Taylor, Winslow Homer, and a good number of Nobel Peace Prize winners. Not bad footsteps to follow in.

Before searching for your new place, check out our apartment guide for tips and tricks on finding the best new place for you. Visit our nifty Local Talk section to get a super-spy-like sneaky look at life in Belmont. Are you wondering how long the commute will take to Boston? Or maybe you’d like to know where the best school is for your second grader? No problem. Just use our “Ask a Question” feature and your questions shall be answered. Don’t worry, not by a Magic 8 ball, but by an actual person. It is decidedly so.

The Benefits of Belmont

Belmont home prices are among the most expensive in Massachusetts, and ranked among the highest in America, so apartments can be high as well. Are you looking for a place near Cushing Square? Or maybe you just want something with thick walls for Junior’s new trumpet playing addiction. Whatever it is that you’re looking for in this New England town, you’ll find what you’re searching for on our apartment finder. Check out the popular listings above to get an idea of the average cost of a rental here. The prices are not cheap, but you will find the benefits of living in Belmont to be very valuable.

Belmont Style

Belmont is considered a white collar town with well above the national average working white collar jobs. The community is definitely heavy on young, educated professionals that some refer to as “Urban Sophisticates.” Many residents here work in technology or science with a good number of scientists calling this home. If you’re a scientist or are looking to meet one, or just want some scientist friends as apartment neighbors, this is a great place for it. Maybe they should work it into their town motto. “Belmont: The Place to Meet Scientists.” You’ll also find many artists, designers, and folks working in media in this New England Town.

Fun and Games for the Whole Fam

The Beaver Brook Reservation was established in 1893. With almost 60 acres of space it’s a great place to go for some time outdoors. Visitors can hike and explore for a good long time here. You can get a little taste of history and check out the remains of a 19th century mill or the historic Robert Morris Copeland House. The Beaver Brook Park in the reservation is an amazing park and play area for kids as well. They have a big sunken sandpit, a huge climbing structure with towers, bridges, slides, and anything else you can think up. There are plenty of covered picnic tables for eating outdoors too. In the summertime take advantage of the absolutely coolest thing here: the spray pool area. There are rocks and boulders for slippery, wet climbing (tip: pack those water shoes) and tons of sprinkling, screaming, laughing, and wet fun. Adults enter at the risk of looking ridiculous and getting laughed at by children. It is probably worth it.

There is no shortage of golf in the area, but it is worth mentioning the knockout Belmont Country Club’s course. The 18-hole golf course opened in 1911 and is a beautiful place to hit balls with clubs into holes

Escape your busy daily life and find some peace or simply go look at nature at the Habitat Education Center and Wildlife Sanctuary. Gaze upon 93 whopping acres of real live nature or take a walk thought the 2.5 miles of trails. You’ll see meadows, ponds, wetlands, and probably more than a few men wearing hats. If nature isn’t enough for you, check out the art on exhibit in the Georgian-style mansion on the grounds. If you’re looking to get married or throw some other type of big bash, the place is available for rent and is a favorite spot.

There are some great dining opportunities right around the corner from your new apartment in this fun city, but of course you have nearby Boston and Cambridge as additional delicious resources. Grab a scoop or two (or three or four) at Rancatore’s and enjoy some delicious ice cream and yogurt in Belmont for a blissful experience.