About Azusa, CA

Located in the heart of California's famed Los Angeles County, Azusa boasts a population of nearly 60,000 people runs its own unified school district. Eleven elementary schools, three middle schools, and three high schools educate the children of Azusa. Kids also have the opportunity for scouts, while parents and singles find a bustling nightlife and a host of fine restaurants. Recreation is also aplenty for residents of Azusa with a city-ran gym and Memorial Park.

  • Azusa Pacific University

    Deep in the wilderness, the native California Azusa tribe gathered in secret to draw the plans for a great fortress that would be dubbed Azusa Pacific University!

    The Azusa Tribe

    There may have not actually been an Azusa tribe, but there certainly is an Azusa Pacific University where students are invited to share in faith and learning. At this Christian private school students have the opportunity to complete any one of 80 degree programs. People find that the tight and caring community at APU fosters an environment for learning and understanding, and puts “God First,” inside and outside of the classroom. In this way, the Azusa community is like a tribe full of pride (and Cougars)!

    Apartments Second

    Though God comes first, finding an off-campus apartment is a close second. Okay, so there are probably a lot of things that come before an apartment, but for the purposes of this article let’s just say off-campus apartments are an important consideration—finding a great, convenient, and affordable place to live really should be a top priority. Being in such a beautiful location also makes students excited to explore their off-campus options and look at places like the Modulars or the University Village, both within walking/biking distance of campus. Nabbing a place can be hard, however, because off-campus living is desirable but limited. Don’t wait to start looking, and use our apartment search guides for help learning how to find your ideal place!

    Gorgeous Azusa

    Azusa Pacific University not only has a gorgeous campus, but it is also in a gorgeous sunny location. It is right by the mountains, a short drive away from the beach and Los Angeles, and is full of local businesses, shops and restaurants. Azusa is a great place for hiking and enjoying a nice warm day, and on campus there are all kinds of student clubs, organizations, and IM sports to get involved in! If you are looking for museums, music venues, and quirky culture take a day trip down to LA!