About Ashland, VA

Apartment Living in Ashland, Virginia

If you are looking to live in a small town but don’t want to give up access to the big city, Ashland, Virginia can be a great place to put your roots down and find an apartment you love. It’s only a 15 minute drive to Richmond, and it’s not far from Washington, D.C. either. It is home to Randolph-Macon College, and has been since 1867: this town is nothing if not old. The town is a mere 7 square miles, and hardly has 7,000 people (small in addition to old!). If you’re looking for a scenic city where everyone knows your name, Ashland could be the place for you to rent an apartment. Check in at the LocalTalk page to get the word directly from locals on what living in Ashland is like.

Is it expensive to live in Ashland?

Considering how amazing a tourist destination Ashland is, with such an antiquated college like Randolph-Macon, a church built in 1729 (Slash Church), and its easy access by railway, it is surprising how inexpensive apartments can be in Ashland. The combination of beauty and affordability you can find in Ashland is exceptional among colonial towns.

Ashland History and Tourism

Renting an apartment in Ashland puts you in walking distance from multiple landmarks, and a day’s car trip from many more. Probably the most iconic landmark of Ashland’s history is the train station designed in 1923 by Duncan Lee. It acts as a Visitor Center for Ashland tourism, which is fitting: Ashland’s history is bound with its ties with the railroad. The town was built around the railroad tracks laid by the Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad—in 1845, it was they who made it a tourist attraction by developing a mineral springs resort called Slash Cottage. By 1858, Slash Cottage was incorporated as Ashland. The town has survived as a rail hub even to the modern day; in 1985, Amtrak began serving Ashland after an 18 year break. Delving into Ashburn’s history isn’t difficult: just stop by the Visitor Center, grab a pamphlet, and walk around— while the railroad station and Slash Church are the most obvious attractions, checking out the Henry Clay Inn will give you a taste of old New England as well. If you still aren’t satisfied, Ashland’s central location makes for short distances to other famous locales like Jamestown (67 miles) or Williamsburg (62 miles). Check out Ashland’s Tourism Department website for more details on Ashland’s history. If historic buildings and a rich history is worth a few tourists in your home town, Ashland could be the right place for you to rent an apartment. Ashburn is a College Town Out of a town population of 7,000, it is rather significant that there are approximately 1750 students at Randolph-Macon College. The school touts a selective and individualized liberal arts education, and is older than Ashburn itself- it was founded in 1830 and only moved to Ashburn in 1869. If you are looking for an apartment for rent in Ashburn, expect that some of your neighbors might be bright young liberal arts students or professors. Luckily, most students live on campus, so you don’t have to worry about any dazed freshman drunk on your lawn the night after finals. You can check out the Randolph-Macon College website to get details on the school, admissions, or current job openings. Ashland Food Culture Renting an apartment in Ashland means you get to enjoy all of the Hanover County’s agriculture. From May through October, Ashland hosts a Saturday farmers’ market. The Ashland Farmers’ Market provides a venue for local Hanover county farmers to sell a variety of produce and goods—everything from broccoli to handmade soap. They often have a Thanksgiving and Christmas market, too—check out the website for more details. On the first Saturday of June, Ashland hosts its own festival: the Ashland Strawberry Faire. The festival is usually very large, hosting around 300 vendors, and the freshly harvested and local strawberries make it worth it all on their own. Whether you come for the produce or to get crowned Little Miss Strawberry, the fair is a great place to connect with both the Ashland community and the greater area. Don’t forget sunblock—with the vast amount of vendors at the faire, the Ashland Strawberry Faire is bound to be more than a short jaunt in the sun. Whether you are looking to rent an apartment in a town with a rich history, an academic environment, or you just want to be near beautiful countryside, Ashland could be the place for your next rental.