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521-6th Street, Huntington

Huntington, WV 25701
Beds: 1 • Baths: 1
(304) 757-3200

1BR/1.0BA in 33 6th Avenue W

Huntington, WV 25701
Beds: Studio • Baths:

1BR/1.0BA in 725 10th Avenue

Huntington, WV 25701
Beds: Studio • Baths:

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Property details

Why Live Here?
The Cloister offers a peaceful environment with a gated courtyard seen from the patios or balconies of each apartment. It is located one block from the YMCA, only four blocks from Huntington's Landmark Ritter Park, and is convenient to downtown.
  • Laundry
  • Transportation
  • Controlled Access
Building Information
  • Built: 1977
  • Units: 30
Lease Terms
Lease Terms: 6 months, 12 months, (6 month lease offered for additional fee)


About Huntington, WV

A major U.S. river port, the large city of Huntington, West Virginia is broken down into several small, intimate neighborhoods that make up this thriving metropolis of renters and homeowners. Since it is situated along the Ohio River, Huntington is known for its beautiful atmosphere, lush foliage, and vibrant downtown area. Whether you enjoy art, music, culture, fine dining, or entertainment, you can find it all in the area chosen as a top All-American City by the National Civic League.
  • Marshall University

    East US, West Virginia

    Remember that movie We Are Marshall? Well, that was this Marshall University they were talking about, and its Thundering Herd football team. Of course, that flick was about the 1970s. This ain't the 1970s, so let's get on with it. Marshall University's seen some pretty cool additions to its campus in recent years, including engineering labs, softball fields, and a spiffy Recreation Center, complete with an indoor pool. Make like a virtual tourist and take a virtual tour of the place. Before you let virtual reality run away with you, let's not forget real academics, which, of course, is why you're here. Without going into some essay-length discussion (which you'll have to do eventually, by the way) of why Marshall U's got the goods, just know that Pulitzer Prizes and Marshall graduates go together like a...well, like a grade and a paper.

    Marshall Your Inner Student And Find A Rental!

    Huntington, West Virginia's got a rental sure to suit your academic lifestyle. Did we say academic lifestyle? We mean party lifestyle. But it's up to you to be responsible about it. Monthly rents come in a whole lot cheaper here than they do in those trendy hot spots like D.C. and N.Y.C, so you've got that going for you 'round these parts. Yes, there's campus housing, too, and if you need a tip or two about how to make that all work, we've got your back, but the off-campus situation is pretty solid too. Just browse the available units listed on our site, and see what you think! There are over a thousand more female undergrads at Marshall University than male undergrads. For the (straight) fellas, that's good news. For the ladies? Well, at least the bro element shouldn't be too overwhelming. We know that gets annoying.

    Transport Yourself To Another Place...

    When it comes to Marshall University livin', we've marshaled the evidence to come up with this conclusion: getting around in Huntington, West Virginia is a breeze. Though it isn’t “rural,” it's still a small town, so cars may do you some good once in a while—like when you're hatching a plan to carpool to the Huntington Mall. Biking, walking, and jogging (expect to sweat in the muggy summer) are perfectly acceptable ways to get around, too. And where would go? How about Fat Patty's, Huntington's premier hangout joint for burger lovers and students-who-should-be-home-studying alike. Patty's got a full bar too, so she (or he) knows how to round out a good time. Campus action includes concert bands, film societies, and even a symphony orchestra to keep you both entertained and edified to no end. Enjoy!