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Austin, TX - Apartment
Why Live Here?
The Barranca Square Apartments are located in the vibrant neighborhood west of the University of Texas; the area is also commonly referred to as West Campus. This 16 unit building is has great street appeal and is situated between most of the major fraternity and sorority houses. The building has been majorly renovated recently, and the renovations include new paint, landscapting, and new redesigned interiors. ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Great Campus Living... ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Located on 26th St. near Rio Grande ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Gas, Trash, and Water bills all paid ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Free Time Warner Cable ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Only 2 One Bedroom Units Available ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Large Studios ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Free Parking ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Furniture may be rented subject to availability and additional fees ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Onsite Laundry Facilities ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Short Walk to Campus ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Huge Walk-in Closet ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Rates Starting at $695 for studios and $795 for 1/1s ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Located on West Campus shuttle route ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5ï¿.5 Be Close to all the University Action...
Management Company
This property is managed by The Westside Group, Inc.